Ahol Sniffs Glue: Snipers @ Gregg Sheinbaum Gallery 11.29.12

Ahol’s modus operandi and final product are the real definition of contemporary art. Snipers, his newest exhibit at the Gregg Sheinbaum gallery showcases handmade creations, plush toys made using the altered and modified images of ‘Miami Life” the way only Ahol can see it.

Still, the opening of Ahol’s new show was definitely a far leap from your standard art show. Buyers were invited to few the goods in a small room, where each plushie occupied its own box, and was neatly hung for those interested. Even the main entrance is unusually located in the rear of the building, there are no brightly lit stark white walls, no fancy music. Instead, a claw machine sits beckoning visitors at the end of a dimly lit plaza. For a dollar a try, visitors to Snipers were able to fish out their own one of a kind Ahol plushies of their own.

The exhibit will run through Basel.
Find more info on the facebook page

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