5 Apps You Need To Have in Miami

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Living in South Florida can occasionally be a challenge for those that want to be organized. Between navigating traffic, language barriers, notorious lateness, and a horrible transportation system, Miami truly is a city where only the strong can the survive. Fortunately, there’s a place here for the savvy too. And guidance for a more manageable life can be found just an iclick away.

With the help of your trusty smartphone, it can actually be easy to deal with the ups and downs of everyday life in our magic city. Armed with the right apps and tools, getting around the city and feeling at home here isn’t as confusing at the vines make it out to be.

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1Go-To Map App: Waze

Getting around Miami is no easy task. As if the overwhelming rush hour congestion wasn’t enough to persuade to work the graveyard shift, it can occasionally seem like city planners are out to get us with random, inconveniently timed ramp and road closures. That’s not even considering the overloaded trucks spilling their cargo onto the expressway, the inevitable accidents whenever it rains, and other random things that will ultimately slow you down. In Miami, knowing in advance what’s going on can make a big difference in your commute.

Knowing in advance what’s going on can make a big difference in your commute in Miami

Waze makes it somewhat easy to make it in time. Not only does the app offer user-submitted data of what’s happening on the road at that very moment giving you heads up notice of cops, accidents, and delays, it can also help you determine how early you need to leave somewhere to reach your destination by a certain time, even sending you a reminder alert when its time to leave.

2Where’s the Bus?: Uber

Finally Approaching the Station….

Miami may be known for its sexy vibes and beautiful beaches, but it is most certainly not well regarded for its public transportation options. With unreliable transit times, limited route choices, and the difficulty of hailing a cab, getting around in the city without a car can be difficult – especially in the summer when rain happens whenever it feels like it.

As a result, Uber has been a blessing for the Magic City. With trips costing much less than they did with taxis and with other commuter options such as the ill-fated Car2Go program, Uber has made a sprawling urban cluster more accessible than ever. Just be sure to be smart about your rides, never ride alone if you’re too intoxicated to stay awake – not only is it not safe, it’s a guaranteed way to see your Uber rating drop.

3Avoid ‘Miami Time’: Google Assistant

Your new BFF

Residents in Miami are so well known for late to scheduled events, that we’ve established our own sense of time: Miami Time. These days, however, there really is no excuse for being late. In fact, with some proper life hacking, you can turn your smartphone into a fully automated personal assistant.

With the right configuration, you can get your phone to remind you of basically everything, from where you were, who you were with, the number of miles it took you to get there,

4Know Thy Neighbors: Next Door

If you’re moving here, you’re going to want to get yourself on Next Door. It’s like all the best things about Facebook, but for your neighborhood. By connecting you to your local community using a physically mailed verification code, NextDoor connects you to your neighbors. The app

If you’re moving here, you’re going to want to get yourself on NextDoor. It’s like all the best things about Facebook, but for your neighborhood.

is useful for selling used furniture and household items, notifying the neighborhood of found pets, alerting the community to potential threats and suspicious activity and, best of all, inviting neighbors to cookouts.

5Park Mobile and PayByPhone

Yes, we have two parking apps here in Miami. Yes, you will want to download both of them. Depending on where you go, there will be one or the other, unless you park in a private lot, and they are incredibly handy in avoiding tickets. That’s especially useful is you’re going to South Beach and Downtown, where meter maids are notorious for issuing tickets.Parking the apps are incredibly easy to use, and they can be set to notify you when your meter is running out.

6Just for Fun: The New Times Emoji Set

Because you want to feel like you live here, duh.


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