Miami Art Week 2013: Del Toro Exhibit & Block Party


Art and fashion have always gone hand in hand, both serving as a canvas on which the creative and vision-bestowed have the liberty of expressing their visions. It therefor came as no surprise to locals when we got word that Miami Based footwear design house Del Toro was opening a pop-up shop on South Beach to serve the many tourists and beach-side locals looking to get their hands on some ultra exclusive customized velvet slippers or artist series ‘Chukkas’.

Then, on Thursday, December 5th, Del Toro brought together their fans, supporters and various others who, led by the sound of music, wandered their way towards the Del Toro headquarters near the Wynwood Building on 4th ave. The block party, thrown in celebration of the brand’s Pop-Up, boasted a vibrant display of custom hand-painted shoes from several international artists, showcased behind a velvet rope inside the company’s office. Outside, some party-goers gathered around the free libations provided by Peroni and Perrier, while others opted instead to get their refreshment on courtesy of the Coconut Cartel. The block party also earned a visit from the By Any Means gold truck, making its way around basel with exclusive merchandise (including tees which eerily resemble the WKB staff shirts)