Get to Know The Cycling Chef


Miami is a town of many tastes and interests, and few places does this show more than in our city’s diverse culinary culture. It is a place where chefs can come to learn and flourish in any number of styles, home to two of the most well recognized culinary institutes, and countless top rated restaurants scattered from Pinecrest to Normandy.

For Aleric Constantin, known to some as The Cycling Chef, the city is also home. Constantin fell in love with cuisine from an early age, and was led by his passion to Orlando to study at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. Returning home, Constantine has earned his chops working the kitchens of some of Miami’s most renown restaurants, including Michael’s Genuine, Mandolin Aegian Bistro, and trending newcomer to the scene, NeMesis Urban Bistro.

Then, led by his entrepreneurial spirit, Constantin decided to combine his two biggest loves, food, and cycling, into a single project: a rolling gourmet ice cream service. Constantin began selling a single flavor of ice cream to his cycling friends at the conclusion of Miami’s popular Critical Mass bike ride. Not surprisingly, in a city as hot as Miami, after a 12-18 mile bike ride, the ice cream was a hit. Constantin would then spend hours dreaming up new flavors, he ordered a customized refrigerated bike cart, and set out to sweeten the town.

There are few better ways to tell someone you love them than to fill their mouths and bellies with deliciously top notch cuisine, prepared by one of Miami’s .

Finalized Valentine’s Day PopUp Menu!

•Passion Fruit Salad• Fresh greens|Passion fruit-ginger vin|Strawberries| Salted caramel drizzle| Shaved dark chocolate|

•Oysters• Yuzu caviar|Shallots| Toasted panko| Lemonbalm|

•Arrowed Hearts• Pan seared chicken hearts| Pomegrante-chili glaze|Scallion|Mint|

•Forbidden Fruit• Wine poached mini apples| Brie &Bacon filling| Mariqita chips| Spicy cinnamon drizzle|

•Sexy Ass Scallops• “Sexy” local scallops”|Blood orange-caper tapanade| White chocolate bur blanc| Fresh greens & flower bouquet|

•Chocloate Nitrogen Strawberries• Champagne Sorbet Filled| Dark Chocolate Dip| Candy Heart dust|

Image via the Tasting Table