Miami Art Week 2013: Thrillist & Herradura Barrel Art Party


Seventy-seven artists from Eight cities were chosen to participate in this year’s Barrel Art competition. At the end, 8 finalists met at Miami’s LMNT lounge earlier this week for a Thrillist sponsored event where Atlanta duo Micah & Whitney Stansell claimed the $100,000 first place award in the 2013 Herradura Barrel Art competition.

The artists’s unique barrel stood out from the rest of the runners-up, primarily because it still displayed a relatively untouched exterior. The artists turned their focus instead to the inside of the barrel, and encouraged spectators to do the same with a hand-made marquee wrapped around the barrel reading “look inside”. Other artists on display included New York’s Kim Hollman, Max Lehman from Santa Fe, Austin’s Raul de Lara, and many others.

For more information, as well as a behind-the-scenes video of each barrel that was chosen as a finalist, check out the Herradura Barrel Art website.