An Evening with Joe Scarborough


The Miami Book Fair International’s author evening sessions brought political writer and host of morning television Morning Joe show Joe Scarborough to the Chapman Center conference room on Monday night. Joined by surprise guest, co-host Mika Brzezinski, Scarborough’s evening session played out not unlike an episode of their charged and hilarious morning program.

The two touched on their different political standings, harped on their parents and poked fun at Scarborough’s weird love/hate relationship with former President Bill Clinton before delving into the topic of the night; politics and Scarborough’s latest book The Right Path: From Ike to Reagan, How Republicans Once Mastered Politics. Scarborough discussed his reasoning behind writing the book, emphasizing to the audience that all of America shares the same fears and have the same questions and concerns about big government. Scarborough reflected on how during his time in office, a bi-partisan government was actually able to make a significant amount of progress, eve balancing the budget for the first time in years, and then elaborated on the successes of former Republicans who were also able to make a significant change.

Scarborough’s talk raised an important question to everyone in the audience; the idea that republicans and democrats were once willing to work with each other despite their political differences, to find resolutions to problems the nation was facing because of a mutual love of country. When the floor was opened to questions, the first question asked just about accurately sums up how everyone felt by the time Scarborough was done talking. It is the question that we went home asking ourselves: “Joe, when are you going to run for President?”