BassForm at the Bank to kick off with a Halloween Party


Halloween is quickly approaching, and with the end of october looming nearer, many are scrambling to make plans for the scariest night of the year. Some however, are sort of tired of the whole thing, and while they enjoy dressing up in costume and playing a fool, the thought of being surrounded by all that death makes them reluctant to leave their homes.

Fortunately, this year, a new party is touching town in Miami’s premiere  bank-turned-event-venue in downtown, The Bank Lounge. BassForm, as the event is called, promises to be a celebration of life and good energy instead of the usual deathly festivities. While we are amped for the thought of listening to favorite djs including Dj SS, A-Sides, Juan Basshead, Lohi Stero, Somejerk, and Bebe take to decks with other local favorites, we’re not sure what to expect from the musical worship groups or choirs. We’re pretty confident, however, that MCs Disidente and Sopheye will have no issue keeping everything coordinated and hype, since they do it often, and do it well.

The event is offering staggered ticket pricing, making it one of the more affordable events on the 31st that don’t require a groupon for affordability. Pricing is simple, free entry before 9.30, then $5 from 9.30 to 10.30 , and finally $10 after 10.30 . There is also a $20 v.i.p ticket that gets you VIP access to the event all night.

Find out more via the event’s facebook page.