Announcing The End of Spectrum Sundays


For a short period of time, Brickell tried to run with the big boys and stay up late to welcome what we are pretty sure was the area’s first ever exclusively drum and bass music weekly event. The now defunct Spectrum Sundays, organized by Metalheadz’s Dj A-sides and United D&B‘s founding member Disidente┬átried its best to bring the city’s best drum and bass dj’s to Brickell’s RedBar Gallery.

During its short lived run, the impressive roster of residents showcasing their skill was occasionally joined by internationally recognized drum and bass djs ┬ásuch as Dj SS and locals Juan Basshead, and Dj Soular. Sadly, whether it was because drum and bass has outlived its glory days or because the Brickell area is just not ready to keep it’s doors open to a new crowd past it’s regular bedtime, Spectrum is no more.

Fortunately for us, we were able to make it out on more than one occasion. The event always felt more like an intimate gathering of friends than a party night, where everyone was welcome. Now, all we have is to look forward for the next, hoping that it wont take place in Brickell, but will instead move to somewhere where it is welcome.