Angelina’s Coffee and Yogurt


When the Acme bakery in Midtown announced that it would be closing its doors recently, many local brunch aficionados were hurt at the thought of never again being able to enjoy a Sunday treat facing Midtown’s green space. But for locals in the know, the closure came with another fear: the fear that Acme’s next door neighbor Angelina’s Coffee &Juice would pick up the slack, leaving them table-less and in wait.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, and while Angelina’s is still packed during peak weekend brunch hours, the wait for a table is never that long, and neither is the wait for your food. Angelina’s sits on the first block of Midtown directly off 36th street in the lower level of midtown 4. The small and welcoming little coffee shop boasts an incredibly large menu of items that range from wraps to sandwiches and includes a vast selection of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices as well as Panther Coffee.

When Angelina’s first opened its doors, it was boasted frozen yogurt in addition to the juice and coffee now offered, hence the name and signage still present on the establishment. Probably because of the existence of Yogurbella just across the Midtown Green, Angelina’s no longer serves fro-yo. In its place, their smoothie and juice menu now resides, and Angelina’s is one of the few places where you can purchase a sort of meal plan based around the nutritionally friendly mixed beverages.

This place is perfect for a quick light lunch, and their grilled cheeses are fantastic and delicately crafted for adults, as the name implies. Service is touch and go from time to time, and new visitors should be aware that they need to step inside to order at the counter before sitting down. There are no waiters to take orders at the tables, but runners will bring out your food once its ready.