Wood Tavern’s 1000 Markers Event & New Pizzeria


Wood Tavern’s level of community outreach is sort of impressive to behold. When the watering hole recently announced its plans to open a bodega type mart in the Wynwood arts district, fans and aficionados joined the conversation on Facebook, offering their own suggestions as to what the place should be and what it should be called.

A couple weeks later came the official announcement: Wood would be opening a sister shop directly adjacent to their existing location on NW. 2nd Ave. and this new space would be home to a pizzeria. For hungry bar patrons, this couldn’t be better news, especially those who may want something more substancial than Wood’s fantastic tacos.

Still, the bar owner Cesar Morales’ ingenuity really began to shine through once the space was prepped for building. White washed and gutted, Morales opened the space up this past weekend, passing out 1,000 to locals who are wiling to let their inner child rage and draw something on the space’s bare interior.

While the exact date for the new space’s opening hasn’t been announced yet, Morales did mention on Facebook that depending on what the final product looked like, he may end up keeping it. Until then, peep the video shot on site by Wood Tavern themselves, and check out our photos below that.

Photography by Melanie Gapany