Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade 2013


One of the most impressive things about this city, is that despite its geographic location as the farthest point of our country’s notoriously discriminatory ‘south’, Miami is anything but discriminatory.

Year round, we celebrate the individually of our city’s inhabitants, with South and Miami Beaches as a bustling center of homosexual life in the City. It comes as no surprise then that the city annually holds one of the most entertaining and popular gay pride parades in the country, bringing together the LBGT community with supporters, family members and friends for a day of amazing fun.

These amazing shots, taken by Soneath Sao showcase of some of the happiest faces in the city of Miami. In what is a truly uplifting set, Sao captures the joy and pride in everyone present at this weekend’s event, a mood that even the police department helped to contribute to.

Photography by Soneath Soa
Text by Melanie Gapany