Ableton User’s Group Meet Up @ PAX – 11.07.12


Wednesday November 8th, Miami had it’s third Ableton Live user meet up. A small but solid crowd of production enthusiasts met at live music venue PAX, lead by Y-Diz of local electronic music band Telekinetic Walrus. Also known as a sound engineer for a couple venues in the area, Y-Diz created the group as a means of bringing about producers in Miami and the officially recognized organization, endorsed by Ableton Live (, meets once a month.

This month’s special guest speaker was local DJ and producer, Sean Ashworth. Ashworth is most known for his residency at Get Low and his high energy, diverse bass music DJ sets. He’s also does lighting for the Vagabond as well as video mapping installations at venues such as the Moksha Gallery. Clearly as creative as he is technical, Ashworth explained the why’s and hows of a remix that he did for a South African band, modifying the uncohesive original into something danceable and very, very Miami. The crowd was fully engaged with the experience, indicated by a number of questions about his production.

Afterwards, Y-Diz got to show off his production prowess, running a Moog synth through his computer and back out again through a effects controller (which may have been the Moog itself), and back into the computer, demonstrating how to create warm, analog sounds that can be modified digitally to make something unique. After this demonstration, Komokazee (sp), arguably Miami’s most talented beat boxer and an incredible MC/vocalist, was brought on stage, stealing the show. He provided a beat, bass line and some noises while Y-Diz processed the vocals into something alien and funky, but usable in a musical setting. Y-Diz’s point was made – the fusion of analog and digital is not only easily possible, but quite entertaining, even to those that had no idea how it was being done.

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Komakozie at PAX Miami from Miami Alive on Vimeo.

Write up by John ‘somejerk‘ Gregory
Photography and video by Melanie Gapany