ZMBLND: Run for your Life, literally


You know you counted down the days until October for the AMC’s Walking Dead. Why wouldn’t you? You, like the rest of us, probably grew up on Zombie films, and from an early age developed an insatiable appetite for the undead thanks to the Sam Raimi’s and George Romeros of the world. So it makes that the walking dead have a tendency to fascinate us. They slow lumbering movements, the inevitability of death, the panic, for some sick reason, we just feed on it.

Now, even though you couldn’t make it out to LA for Walking Dead audition, your chance to live your undead dream can finally come true. ZMBLND, a new kind of obstacle/mud run space, is “a zombie-themed obstacle run”, the kind of run that gives running a very simple purpose: stay alive. As the ‘Survivors’ make their way through the obstacles they will be chased by another group of runners called the Zombies who will attempt to remove their lifelines before the Survivors reach the finish line, effectively “killing” them.

The race is set to take place this Sunday at Amelia Park, and ZMBLND has zero intentions to back down from the impending hurricane and has even extended their registration from Midnight tonight until Sunday Morning at 8 am. Sign up as a survivor, a zombie, a tech survivor, or just grab yourself a spectator pass and a good seat to take in the carnage: It’s Zombies vs Frankenstorm here in Miami.

For more information visit the ZMBLND website or Facebook.