Location Spotlight: Lemoni Cafe


The word ‘lemon’ comes from the Greek word Lemoni which means… lemon. Ok, ok, bad joke but Lemoni Cafe is no place to laugh about. My friend Sophie and I were driving around the Design District searching for a cool, yet low key spot to have a light dinner and as I was driving up NE 2nd Avenue I spotted a small strip of Caf├ęs and decided, we are eating at Lemoni! I had heard about this place from multiple people and now I finally got the chance to check it out. Walking up from across the street I was instantly drawn to its charm. We were greeted by Analia and opted for a seat close to the window where we could have a pleasant view of the entire restaurant. The decor and the artwork on the walls along with the hand written specials menu and the colorful lanterns made it super comfortable and welcoming.

Analia came around with a grand menu of sandwiches, salads, and specialty items and served us a refreshing glass of minty water to cleanse our palates and whet our appetites. We decided to share the “Greek Plate”; an appetizer platter with grilled whole wheat pita bread, big chunks of feta cheese, dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), kalamata olives, strips of roasted red peppers along with pickled peperoncini, and the creamiest, most delicious hummus I have ever had. All sprinkled with parsley, drizzled with olive oil and finished with a dash of paprika. Sophie and I were practically fighting over who was going to get the last bite. To think… we were still waiting on our sandwich! We decided to order the Lemoni Supremo as per the suggestion from Analia. Seasoned and grilled chicken with roasted cherry tomatoes, soft brie cheese, and their special home made pesto on fresh ciabatta bread pressed to panini perfection. Next to the sandwich came a bag of chips and a fresh salad of mixed baby greens with the lightest dressing that had just a hint of sweetness that had me curious as to what made it so good. I will keep their recipe a secret though, you just have to go there to check it out. We were so caught up in the food I nearly forgot to take a photo for you lot.

Lemoni Cafe is one of those spots that doesn’t only offer great food in a pleasant environment, but the patrons and staff are so friendly that it is not unlikely that you will leave there with a new friend. I know I cant wait to go back. For just about $20 we shared a meal of the freshest, most delicious food and enjoyed great company from the table next to ours.

Lemoni Cafe is located at 4600 NE 2nd Avenue in Miami and is open Monday thru Saturday from 11am – 1030 pm
Catering and delivery is available (305) 571 – 5080 or info@mylemonicafe.com and feel free to check them out online. www.mylemonicafe.com