Location Spotlight: La Sandwicherie


Between leaving the club and heading home, my friends and I decided we desperately needed a late night nosh before calling it a night. Though we were in Downtown Miami, we decided to make a small trek to South Beach for some well renowned sandwiches. La Sandwicherie is one of those hole in the wall spots, partially facing the street and alongside an alley that you just might miss if you weren’t paying too much attention, but the neon lighting and row of outdoor bar style seating would beg to differ. Seating is limited to about 10 stools so, getting there at the right time just before or after a rush ensures you a comfortable meal. Luckily for us there were just enough seats for our group so we happily sat down, munched out, chatted with our neighboring patrons, as well as the super friendly staff.

I placed an order for a prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sub with almost all the available toppings. Watching my sandwich being topped with all the fresh ingredients, I sat back and waited eagerly counting the time till I could tear it apart. Just a few minutes later, I got the biggest sandwich I have seen since my after school days hanging out at the local deli growing up in New York City. Typically I would order mayonaise on my sandwich, but I totally forgot about that after I tried the amazing house-made French dressing they serve as a standard condiment. I had to take a minute to really examine what stood in front of me, and after a deep breath, I drizzled a bit of the dressing and took my first bite. I don’t think it was the drinking, or the time of night, but I closed my eyes, and chewed very slowly. The bread had a crispy crust and a soft center that soaked up all the wonderful flavors. Thick slices of fresh mozzarella, super thin prosciutto and roasted peppers take your classic Italian sub to the next level. I got to the halfway point and I told myself, I should save the rest for later. I wrapped it up, took a few sides of French dressing and made my way. While waiting in the car for my friend, I realized the flavor was lingering in my mouth and I couldn’t hold out any longer. I finished the rest of the sandwich fifteen minutes later.

It was the best $13 I ever spent on a sandwich (including tip) and a little F.Y.I., the French dressing is available in bottles for sale at La Sandwicherie.

There are two La Sandwicherie locations:

The South Beach location is at 229 14th Street, Miami Beach 33139 and are open from 8am to 5am daily and even offer delivery from 9:30am to 10pm.
Phone: 305 531-9883 and online at www.lasanwicherie.com