Location Spotlight: Limon y Sabor


As I was contemplating having a sunny beach adventure this past Sunday afternoon, I was preparing for the occasion when I heard the light tapping of rain drops on my window. Saddened by Mother Nature’s sudden urge to, quite literally, rain on my parade I decided to head out for a late lunch date instead. While I had the beach on my mind, a recommendation from my dear friend led us to a delicious Peruvian restaurant for a light brew and some refreshing ceviché. Limón y Sabor features a great menu of classic Peruvian dishes from an array of fresh seafood, home style rice with chicken or steak, and delectable side dishes, as well as beverages including imported Peruvian beer.
Sticking with the days’ original theme, we went with Ceviché Mixto, a frosty glass of Cristal cerveza, and my personal guilty pleasure; a side of crispy maduros. After a bit of conversation it didn’t take long to receive a beautiful plate piled with tender cubed fish (I think it’s Hamachi but I’m not sure), slices of octopus, and calamari, atop two mussels tossed in the most refreshing lime, red onion and cilantro marinade with just a kick of spice. The bright orange chunk of sweet potato and pearly white Peruvian corn balanced out the brightness of the ceviché by providing a milder flavor and creamy texture. The maduros, which I ordered and ate separately from the seafood, almost acted as a lightly sweet and savory dessert. The fresh plantains were cut in thick pieces and fried to provide a perfect crispy crust, while the inside remained soft and gooey. The lightness of the Cristal washed it all down easily and the ambiance helped forget the gloom that surrounded us outside.

The bill came to just about $25 including tip and we left feeling full, but not heavy, and came close enough to a beach day without all the sand.

Limón y Sabor is located at 3045 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33137
You can even call for delivery. (786) 431-5739

Buen provecho!

Photography and review by Konstantina Kazanas