Location Spotlight:Neu Tattoo Studio in Midtown


The decision to get a tattoo is really a fairly large decision to make. Sure, the “big ticket” items that usually constitute big decisions will end up costing you much more than a tattoo ever would, but the commitment to forever placing an image into your skin far outweighs the commitment involved with a car or home purchase. If you get tired of your car, you trade it, tired of your house, paint it, or try to sell and move elsewhere. But if you get tired of looking at the tiger that you haphazardly chose to place on your left butt cheek at 18, changing it, removing it, altering it in any way is almost near impossible (and definitely extremely painful).

Thats why when getting a tattoo, the last thing you want is to feel any more comfortable than being repeatedly stabbed by little needles makes you.

Neu tattoo studio stands as sort of an anomaly. A tattoo parlor housed between a flower shop and empanada restaurant, located only steps away from Midtown’s growing open air mall, stands out, especially at night, where it is the only storefront in the strip mall that is open sundown.

Inside, is very welcoming. There are no cubicles, no chairs hidden in corners, just stations set up on a raised platform, reminiscent more so of old school barber shops than of most tattoo shops I’ve walked into. There is art everywhere, as in most studios, but most of the art here is on sheets of tracing paper, taped to the various work surfaces delegated to individual artists.

On my visit, I met with Boris, the shop’s owner, to discuss with him a little about why he does what he does, and as most stories goes, its something that he just fell into. Yet despite never formally training in fine art, he loves the process of it all, from inception to execution.

After explaining to me the ins and outs of tattoos laws in the state, and informing that Miami is in fact the most tattooed city in the country, we chose a piece that he had been working on to put on my arm forever. About 3 hours later, I had a new timepiece courtesy of Neu tattoo studio.

I can honestly say that I am happy with it. Overall, if I had to rate my entire experience I would give it a 9 overall. The shop gets a 10 for presentation and cleanliness, Boris gets a 10 for knowing his business. The only reason I can’t give the overall a perfect score is because of a couple errant lines in the tattoo that will need to be corrected once I’ve healed up. Fortunately, Neu extends “touch ups” to their customers for life. No really, for life.

If youre interested in making an appointment or consultation to get some work, you can learn more about the studio and Boris by clicking the links below or sending an email to: nuetattoostudio@gmail.com.

The shop is located at: 3525 n.e 2nd ave, Miami, FL 33137

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Photography by Roxie Cathartic