Brew at The Zoo – 04.28.2012


On April 28th The wildest things at the zoo were not the animals. Nay, for on April 28th, Zoo Miami, formerly known as Miami Metro Zoo located in Perrine opened its gates after hours to welcome in all the city’s lushes.

The 3rd annual brew at the zoo was the first for any of us who attended as the Miami Alive team. Our experience was met with a bit of surprise as we arrived shortly after the opening bell and were corralled into a gated section right outside the main entrance to the event. It seems, unbeknownst to us, the event actually opens an hour earlier to allow in VIPs. While the irony of being trapped in a cage with other humans at the zoo didn’t escape us, it was overwhelmed by our anxiety to enter the fenced off are housing over 20 brewers waiting to serve the masses samples of their wares.

The lack of access to the zoo animals was ultimately not as disappointing at the original realization of this fact, and soon we didn’t even realize that we weren’t surrounded by zebras and lions, but lots and lots of people instead. The night was concluded, as expected, with a performance by Alien Ant Farm of their hit cover of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, but after about 55 ‘shots’ of beer, it might as well have been MJ himself up there for all the crowd could tell.

Attendees, don’t forget that you can present your Brew at the Zoo ticket and get into Zoo Miami for 50% off the regular price of admission through September 30th, 2012. You also have the option of redeeming your tickets for up to a $30 credit on the Annual Pass.

Photography & Editing by: Melanie Gapany
Additional Photography by: Roxie Cathartic with editing by: Melanie Gapany